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A walk on the wild side 20.10.2009
The hidden southland 05.10.2009
Platypuses, Gliders, and Bilbies, oh my! 22.04.2009
Pillars of smoke 30.03.2009
Phillip Island on the Today Show 17.11.2008
The perils of penguins 30.10.2008
Penguins and the Prime Minister 19.10.2008
A few hard-earned lessons. 30.08.2008
Life on the Island: Episode 37... 29.08.2008
Seal Rocks 28.07.2008
Life at Phillip Island 28.07.2008
Roughing it 28.06.2008
Food and feathered friends 25.06.2008
Wombats, Devils, Roadkill and more 06.05.2008
"It's like a hamburger, but with mince and tomato paste." 15.03.2008
Chasing seals, tents, and aussie pin-cushions 22.02.2008
Settling in to island life 25.01.2008
Exploring Melbourne 13.01.2008
Getting right into the thick of it... 08.01.2008
In the Land of Oz... 05.01.2008
Welcome! 01.01.2008